Kiddie's Playland Rides

The Rides in Kiddie's Playland vary a little but they often include the following:

Dry Boats
Granny Bug
Horse & Buggy
Jolly Choo Choo
Kiddie Coaster
Kiddie Swings
Kiddie Whip
Mini Pirate Ship
Sky Fighters

The Operators in Kiddies' Playland rotate between rides.  Please ask them to operate a ride that interests you.  Children must be able to walk and to sit up without additional support in order to ride the rides in Kiddies' Playland.  These rides are generally most attractive to toddler/preschool age. Riders must be 12 years old and younger and 120 pounds or less.   Some rides will only be accessible to very small children.  
 Riders either need Coupons (1 Coupon per ride) or a ride wrist tag bracelet.