Operating rides will vary based upon staffing and other operational factors.  Not all equipment operates for the entire open period.  Ride operators in Kiddies' Playland rotate between rides.  This is also true for some Major Ride operators. 
 Some rides at Lakeside are not part of the 2024 operating plan.  
Cyclone and some other rides are currently closed.  

Lakeside Amusement Park does not have a set closing time.  However Kiddies' Playland rides (mainly for preschool age) generally close by or before  10 PM and the rest of the park often is open until 11 PM (11:30 PM on Friday & Saturday nights).   
The admission gates generally close about 1 hour prior to the rest of the park closing.  

          Please call Lakeside at 303-477-1621 to verify operating hours and devices. 

            There is NO guarantee that any particular ride, game or food stand will be open during Lakeside's operating hours.            Some attractions may be open for part of an operating period.